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Even though there are 1 million-plus new houses built every year, 40% of home in America are more than 50 years old and requires reconstruction or renovation to match the present status.

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Tile installation

Tile installation is an important step when designing your kitchen or bathroom or even for a simple makeover. Tile installation is a great looking flooring option for high traffic areas like kitchen and bathroom or floor that are susceptible to dirt, moisture, or humidity. A Perfect tile installation in the Baltimore kitchen and wall tile installation in a short area can alter the character of a room in no time. From sleek, modern slate tile flooring in Baltimore to something traditional, authentic, and colorful tile arrangements, Baltimore kitchen and bathroom renovation pro have each type of tiles to suit every taste and bring your dream house in your life.

Floor tiles in Baltimore

Floor tiles give your home a whole new look increasing its authentic quality and adding a new character to it.

Floor tiles should be beautiful and easy to clean. At Baltimore kitchen and bathroom renovation pros, we have a diverse range of floor tiles available. We create a unique look with tile flooring in Baltimore adding alternate colors and homes for a modern yet warm floor.

All of our tiles are durable, hardwearing, and easy to clean. We work with the best tile manufacturer delivering only high-quality products.

Whether it’s a cement board or a tile backer base we make sure we have all the necessary material for tile installation. If you want to know more about our products and services give us a call or fill out our online form. We will be happy to help with your bathroom tile installation project in Baltimore.

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Our experts install –

  • Laminate tile flooring
  • Ceramic tile flooring
  • Slate tile flooring
  • Cork tile flooring
  • Porcelain tile flooring
  • Marble tile floorings
  • And more!

Granite tiles in Baltimore!

  • The most popular tile installation in Baltimore is the robust and beautiful granite tile. Granite tile is a class, resilient to heat, extremely durable, and provides uniform color and texture that look astonishing for both bathrooms and kitchen as well as for any room in your home. It has a solid surface that is hygienic and easy to clean. Granite tiles are preferred by family homes or households with pets due to their easy cleaning property.

    We deal with the best local granite suppliers who import some truly and amazing granite tile directly into Baltimore from high quarries. You can save money without compromising quality. The larger the surface that needs to be tiled, the more you save! Call us today and talk to our Baltimore kitchen and bathroom design experts and we assure you that you will get a great price on tile installation.


Types of tiles installation in Baltimore!

Ceramic tiles in Baltimore

Ceramic tiles are a popular choice for tile installation. It is made by using heat and cooling occurring minerals in the clay. Ceramic tiles are available in a wide variety of styles, textures, colors giving a smooth finish to your kitchen/bathroom space. To know more about ceramic tile installation in Baltimore, call us today and get your free quote now.

Slate tile installation in Baltimore

Slate is found all over the planet. It varies in color from tan to black, red to copper, and sage to the navy. Slate is known for its unique style and is a finely grained type of file that can be used both indoors and outdoors at your home. At Baltimore home renovation pros, you can get a variety of style in slate tile, all you have to do is call us and talk to our expert.

Marble tile

One of the most toughest and stunning materials available for tile installation is a marble. They are sought-after not only for their durability but the amazing span of colors and naturally occurring patterns. Indeed the natural beauty of marble is tumbled, polished, sharpened, and brushed for uniqueness. Come and explore the best quality marble tile at Baltimore renovation pros.

Quartzite tile

Quartzite offers excellent durability and versatility. It is a naturally occurring type of stone. Just like marble and granite, quartzite offers a wide range of colors and textures. It can be used inside, outside and is great for commercial and residential properties.

Stones and pebbles tile

Stones and pebbles tiles are incredibly popular in both indoor and outdoor spaces. They bring a touch of nature into any space such as kitchen, bathroom, or shower area. It has a unique pattern so you are sure to have a one-of-a-kind tile flooring look! Like Stones and pebbles tiles? Interested? Call us today for tile installation service in Baltimore.

Porcelain tiles in Baltimore

It is a clay type tile that is quite denser and fabricated at a considerably higher temperature than ceramic. Due to its high density, it can be used anywhere. To know more about porcelain tile installation in Baltimore, call us today!

Wood-look tile

This is a quite popular tile installation in Baltimore. Wood-look tile is made from ceramic but styled to imitate the look of wood. In expansion to the lines and grain of the wood is applied to tile rich wood color is added. This combination of style not only give it wood floor look but is also easy to clean and durable.

Travertine tiles

Travertine tile is made from limestone. It spins around hot springs all over the world. As a naturally forming material travertine has unique natural patterns and character. We offer the best quality travertine tiles in Baltimore.

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Tile installation is just one of a skill Baltimore home renovation pros has that can help you transform an older home into the residential Oasis you are seeking. Our remodeling experts can help you design the overall layout of your bathroom kitchen as well as the whole home. No matter whatever is your requirement our experts prioritize the client’s needs and vision.Interested? Call us today to know more about tile installation in Baltimore.

Exquisite Shower Tile Installation in Baltimore

Homeowners often tend to give little attention to their actual shower environment, allowing them to become bland and boring. Shower tile installation in Baltimore can re-invigorate your morning shower, giving an inviting and appealing environment that is engaging. We have a diverse range of shower tiles that are guaranteed to re-energize your space. We also offer shower conversion for those looking to expand or redesign their bathroom overall. If you are confused between shower tiles or is unable to make the decision on which type of shower tiles is best for your space, our bathroom tile design expert can help you. Give us a call and learn more about our products and offers.

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Custom Tile Installation in San Baltimore

Most people have a misconception that creating a custom made tile installation plan for a home’s bathroom is out of reach financially for many homeowners. We are experts in tile installation in Baltimore offering high-quality custom tile at a very reasonable price. With decades of experience in both tile installation and tile design, our experts can decide which material is best for your space as well as your pocket. Custom tile installation in Baltimore is more affordable than you imagine. We are leading tile installation in Baltimore and would love to hear your tile installation ideas. Contact today for your free and no-obligation quote.

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Are you looking for an easy and cost-effective way to update or refresh one of the rooms in your home?   Well, backsplash tile may be an extraordinary choice. Backsplash tiles offer the perfect pop of color, texture, and pattern while adding to the functionality of the kitchen, by protecting the walls from splashes and stains it’s a small enough area that it won’t overwhelm the space, but it makes an enormous effect on the whole kitchen.

What Are Backsplash Tiles?

Backsplash tiles are usually small to medium-sized tiles and can be ceramic, porcelain, or cement. They are implied to supply a water-resistant and tough boundary between the walls of the kitchen and all of the messes from cooking. Backsplash tiles help to prevent staining and water damage on the wall and provide a stylistic touch with nearly an unlimited amount of colors, sizes, shapes, and patterns to choose from.

Kitchen Backsplash Tiles

Tiles are a great material to include in your kitchen remodeling project and they’re one of the most visually stunning and practical products you can find. You can place them on the floors for a durable foundation for the high traffic area, and on the backsplash to make clean-up easier and faster. A Backsplash kitchen tile refers to kitchen wall material and it is all that you need for your kitchen tile installation project.

Backsplash tile can cover the entire wall, or they can be a pop behind the range or they can cover the area between the countertop and cabinets. At Baltimore home renovation pros, we provide a wide range of texture and color of backsplash kitchen tiles.it doesn’t matter whether your dream kitchen is rustic and cozy or modern and sleek, we have a diverse range of colors, patterns.

Choosing between a layout, appliances, and color scheme there’s a lot to consider when planning, designing, or sprucing up a kitchen.

Stop looking for backsplash tiles that align with your dream design. Call us or browse our site and allow us to make your kitchen backsplash breathe new life into your home, no matter whether your tastes are – modern, contemporary, or traditional. You can rest assured that we have exactly what you’re looking for.


Shop our selection of backsplash tiles ideas and styles for kitchen, bathroom in any residential or commercial space. Call us to know more about backsplash tiles.

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The Importance of Backsplash Tiles

When you think about your dream kitchen, you think about beautiful wall tiles, colorful and authentic cabinets, and an overall modern and sleek look. Right? Backsplash tiles won’t be in your mind. This is an overlooked design element, yet it has a major visual impact and plays an important role in your overall design scheme.

The backsplash is exceptionally visible, meaning kitchen tiles are the first thing individuals see when they enter the space. A backsplash can complement or contrast with kitchen floor tiles, adding aesthetic dynamic to any kitchen. The space over your countertops may be subtle or stunning. Either way, kitchen wall tiles are a basic component to consider.

Counters get damp, sticky, messy, nourishment secured, and eventually wear out. Since your backsplash meets the countertop, you need a material for both spaces that’s equally tough to withstand daily use. Cement kitchen tile is perfect for your backsplash since it cleans effortlessly, stands up to abuse, covers up wear and tear, and seals the space. Of all the materials you could use on a backsplash, kitchen tiles offer a singular blend of style and strength.


Here are a few of our top pick backsplash-kitchen cabinet combinations. They can be complementary or contrasting in color or design, but each time, the impact is staggering.

Backsplash trends

This season, don’t be afraid to experiment with patterns, colors, and materials. Moreover, low maintenance and sleek backsplashes tiles are all the rage now. This means solid slab backsplashes without tile lines and grout collecting in them is a great option. To give yourself a kitchen that stands out from the rest, one you can show off to your friends and family, this is the oomph factor to introduce. Take a look at these backsplash kitchen tiles design ideas-

Moroccan tiles

Moroccan tile is a popular choice for kitchen walls. If you are thinking about cabinets where you can play with looks, Moroccan tiles are a great choice to create a happier vibe in the kitchen. They work well with a neutral or sober color kitchen.

Not only for the kitchen wall, Moroccan tile for the kitchen floor too can make a chic statement. if you are looking to add glamour and spark to your kitchen, these pristine backsplash Moroccan tiles are the way to go.

Pastels and patterns

If your kitchen wears neutral colors on cabinets and walls, then the backsplash should stand out with a stunning color that complements the neutral shades. This is an authentic and unique combination!

Origami prints backsplash tiles

This is often such a fun thought for your kitchen backsplash. Colorful Origami print compliments the dark and white cabinets to paint a cheerful picture.

Honeycomb patterns

A honeycomb pattern for your backsplash, anybody? This curious design makes visuals interesting, whereas white makes this space bright. Hexagonal tiles can have a subtle impact on the overall design of a kitchen.

Copper colors

Dark-colored backsplashes are chic and trendy. Infuse your kitchens with some copper magic by getting a backsplash in this rich color. Match it with the wall cabinets to give it a seamless look.

Aqua colors

An idealized shade for light-colored cabinets this aqua colored backsplash is a treat to sore eyes. Give your kitchen a breezy appearance with this combination!

Granite backsplash

Solid slabs of granite are sure to make your kitchen look trendy this year. Don’t stick to your old kitchen; add some glamour with all new granite backsplash tiles.to know more about granite backsplash tile, call us and talk to our experts.

Glass backsplash

Glass doesn’t always have to be sleek and it’s an excellent choice for an elegant look of the kitchen. Another expansion to the shining alternative, these glass tiles put together are all you would like to form your kitchen wall design glamorous.

Marble backsplash

A marble with dark veins is the perfect option for a luxurious look. Call us to get the best quality marble backsplash in Baltimore.

When is it Time for a New Backsplash?

If you are thinking to completely remodel your kitchen, adding backsplash kitchen wall tiles and kitchen floor tiles could be an extraordinary choice. You won’t lament the way they look and feel in your new space. And if you’re not in the mood for a full remodel, there are still lots of great reasons to switch out your current backsplash and replace it with kitchen tiles you love.

  • Your design is out-dated- backsplash tiles come and go. If your current tiles are a decade older they probably show their age and it’s time to get the latest backsplash tiles design.
  • The Backsplash is Dingy-if your current backsplash is not made of the tile; it’s probably showing signs of wear and tear. Installing backsplash kitchen wall tiles solves that problem and ensures your kitchen continues to gleam for years to come.
  • Want some change-a full kitchen renovation project can be expensive and disturbing. If you are thinking to change just one element in your kitchen, like your stove or your kitchen floor tiles, consider changing the backsplash too. Backsplash tile installation is an easy, quick, and affordable project and has a big impact on the overall look and feel of the space. Something as simple as new kitchen tiles makes a kitchen feel fully updated.

The Benefits of Backsplash Cement Tiles

The tile you’re probably most used to seeing is ceramic tile, but we want to redirect your focus to another type of tile that has the same beauty but comes with many more benefits. Cement tile is made from a distinctive process than ceramic tile, with a hard-wearing blend of mineral powder, cement, sand, and color. It is compressed with almost 2,000 pounds of water-powered weight, and the design becomes a part of the tile, not simply glazed or painted on the surface.

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Design your Backsplash Tiles

Are you ready to begin designing your kitchen refresh and want to choose your cement backsplash tiles? Call us to talk to our tile installation experts in Baltimore, we would love to hear your ideas. We work to give exactly what you are looking for, your dream house.


Can you use backsplash tiles as floor tiles?

When it comes to tiles installation, you don’t have to limit your imagination. Take it a step further and give your flooring a sprint of color. There are few things to consider before using your backsplash designs for the kitchen flooring. Let’s look-

  • Wall tiles are thinner than floor tiles and can come in a high gloss finish, making them slippery.
  • Remember not all backsplash tiles can be used as floor tiles. However, floor tiles can be used as backsplash tiles.
  • Lacquered glass cannot be utilized as a flooring choice as it can chip and break easily.
  • When you purchase tiles, make sure to check their grading.

Other features


Limitless Tile Options

There is a diverse range of tiles in shape, colors, material, texture, and pattern. Our specialists are up-to-date on the latest trends and industry standards, with the experience to think outside the box.

Licensed Installers

Baltimore renovation pros flooring installation professionals and contractors are local, licensed, insured, and undergo a thorough background-screening process. Your home is in safe hands.

Affordable Financing

We know tile installation can be disruptive that’s why we deliver high-quality tile installation service at affordable prices. We aim to provide tile installation accessible to make your dream home a reality. Call us today and talk to our experts about your budget and we will make sure that you get the best material at a fair price.


Whatever is your requirement, we will provide you with everything. At Baltimore renovation pros, you can find the solution to every renovation problem. All you need to do is call us or fill out our online form. Within 24 hours of your call, you will receive your free, no-obligation quote.

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