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Even though there are 1 million-plus new houses built every year, 40% of home in America are more than 50 years old and requires reconstruction or renovation to match the present status.

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Full-Scale Bathroom Remodeling

Bathroom remodeling doesn’t have to be a matter of concern if you are living in Baltimore. All you need to do is call us and tell us about your dream bathroom. Sounds easy, no? Then what are you waiting for, call us now and get your free quote today!

We can transform your bathroom from top to bottom, renovating both wet and dry areas of the space. No matter what kind of renovation you are looking for, you can count on the Baltimore Remodeling service to get the best results. We not only provide you with the best customer service but also complete the total bathroom renovation project in the least time possible.

We are fully licensed, insured and all the work is guaranteed and comes with a warranty.

Expert Baltimore Bathroom Renovations

At Baltimore remodeling pros, we pride ourselves on being a leading bathroom Renovation Company. When it comes to Baltimore kitchen and shower remodeling, you’ll not discover a company that gives a high level of skill, plan, energy, and extravagance finish in Baltimore.

We never compromise with quality or beauty, constructing only the most stunning bathroom spaces that our customers can enjoy for years. We don’t deal with sales agents or customer support people. We hire only the best and determined designers who work effortlessly to help you achieve your dream bathroom.

We do not charge any extra fees for these designers. You have to pay only for construction and material fee.

Bathroom Remodeling in Baltimore!

A full-scale bathroom remodeling in Baltimore takes a part of cautious arranging. To guarantee no detail is missed, we have compiled a list of points of interest you might consider as well as some fantastic design ideas you will love. The skill of our bathroom renovation team is the second to none, able to draw up custom bathroom designs rapidly and execute complex practical courses of action when required. Our team of professional designers and craftsmen are ready to turn your ideas into a reality. From small adjustments to a major bathroom overhaul, from transitional to contemporary designs, we’ll transform your present bathroom into a space that meets your vision and your needs.

Small-Medium Bathroom Remodels in Baltimore!

Not everyone owns a house with having a grand, spacious bathroom in Baltimore. But don’t worry!   Some of our renovation projects have been medium and small-sized bathrooms. Before planning a bathroom renovation, consider your space and what you want to achieve with the renovation project. A bathroom remodeling project can free up more space. Older bathroom designs, products, and construction usually wasted space unnecessary. You can get space for a larger shower or installing stunning tall free standing cabinets. Whatever you want to achieve with your bathroom remodel in Baltimore, we promise you to accomplish that dream.

Exquisite Bathroom Remodeling in Baltimore!

Once your bathroom renovation designs are plans are drawn up, your part is done. Leave the heavy lifting to our professional contractors for bathroom renovation in Baltimore, Capable of crafting even the most complicated designs and implementing them in Baltimore homes with ease. Within 10 to 12 days you will have your dream bathroom. We are positive that you will be enchanted by how competitive our Baltimore bath remodeling prices are. We aim to make bathroom remodeling accessible to all. Sounds relaxing? Interested? Call us or fill the online form.

Baltimore bathrooms renovation and design

Bath options

Transform your bath time into a liberal and extravagant encounter with one of our sumptuous bath designs. We offer a variety of styles of bathtubs from a modern bubble bath to a walk-in bathtub, you can find anything! Walk-in bathtubs look very stylish and provide a self-bathing solution for those with mobility issues.

Full-scale bathroom remodel

Whether you wish to renovate a small space in your bathroom or want to completely change your bathroom space and undertake a full-scale Baltimore bathroom renovation, you can count on us. Leave the work to our bathroom remodeling contractors and wait to explore your dream bathroom.

Zero threshold showers

One of the popular requests in the shower is zero threshold showers. A zero threshold shower is a shower that allows you to walk indirectly without having to step over any divider. People love installing a threshold shower. It’s beyond elegant; it improves Accessibility and can be especially helpful for older people

Attention to detail

With decades of experience and hard work we have been the most trusted kitchen /bathroom remodeling company. We pride ourselves on our craft ship and paying attention to how different subtle elements work together to make a wonderful and practical space.

Gift yourself the shower you deserve!

When was the last time your soul was truly enchanted while taking a bath? Not able to recall? Probably it is the time to consider Giving up the tub completely and go with our Baltimore shower conversion services.

 We believe a shower should not only act as a beautiful focal in your bathroom but also an area to chill relax and breathe. There are many options available for the customer today, from a small walk -in with no splashguard to full spa like retreats, you have thousands of choices when it comes to picking out the idolize shower for your bathroom remodel. You can even pair up a bath and shower combo or can go for a free-standing tub installed along with walk-in shower conversion.

 Not sure? Confused? Talk to one of our best Baltimore bathroom design experts and get the best shower conversion.  We are more than happy to assist with your decision and give information on shower conversion in Baltimore!

Get your free quote today!

Luxurious countertops in bathroom tiling

Your bathtub and shower are renovated but what about your countertops and bathroom tiling? At Baltimore kitchen and bathroom remodeling company we offer a full range of granite, concrete, and quartz countertops in Baltimore. From wonderful bathroom tile installation to resplendent medicine cabinets, if you are looking to accessorize your bathroom then your search stops right here. We are not like a box store and corporate, who only offer pre-fabricated bathrooms that look inclusive. Our designers are determined and passionate about what they do. Experience the difference! Call us and get your free quote today!


A bathroom renovation is a huge risk but the payoff can be huge too. If you are thinking to go for a bathroom renovation and looking for a perfect excuse or whether you have got a sneaking suspicion, it’s time for a change.

Changing life

You brought this home when it was just two of you and now you have a baby. Your tiny bathroom is already cramped for showering little one and including another one to the blend is going to make things more difficult. It’s time to invest in a bathroom renovation.

More efficiency

Old bathroom designs usually waste space unnecessary. Too much water waste or poor lighting take so much space-which is not only less enjoyable but also a big money waste. If you think you need more space to enjoy your bath time, it’s time to get a bathroom renovation.

Repair damage

Bathrooms are used frequently in fact daily, which causes water leak damage or mold damage from uncirculated air, paint damage, and cracked tile. If you encounter any such damages in your bathroom, time to get remodel-before it gets too worse and cost you more than the average cost.

You are bored! Wants some change!

You enter your bathroom; feel bored and sad because you are done with it. You feel-‘’this bathroom doesn’t feel good anymore.’’ Relax! It happens with everyone. It’s a good time to invest in a bathroom remodel. You deserve a place you love.

Bathroom remodeling in Baltimore- materials

  • How simple is it to clean?
  • Will the material hold water?
  • Is the material susceptible to cracking?
  • Is the material heat resistant?
  • Is the material heavy
  • will it need additional support?
  • Is the material hard-wearing and robust?
  • What is the general appearance and effect?
  • Does it come in different colors and styles?
  • Custom tile A bit of custom tile work and installations in Baltimore can go a long way, utilize basic single tone tiles to donate your bathroom a fresh, uniform look or blend and coordinate tile choices to form a dynamic and strengthening bathroom area.


  • Lighting and Windows A few bathrooms have roomy windows that let in a part of characteristic light, whereas others have no windows at all! Let us assist you in selecting the sort of lighting that best suits your bathroom, guaranteeing that your lighting choices coordinate the colors and décor as well as the windows within the space. For example:
  • Bright lighting to make a bathroom appear spacious and clean
  • Low lighting that flatters appearances in the mirror
  • Dual-tone lighting that can alternate between bright and dim settings
  • Mood/Ambience lighting


Our specialties include:

  • Design (3D modeling)
  • Cabinetry
  • Electrical
  • Plumbing
  • Walk-in tub installation
  • Hardware installation
  • Countertop installation. (granite, marble, travertine, marble, and quartz.
  • Tile installation. Shower door installation
  • Flooring installation.
  • Painting services
  • Sink or faucet installation
  • Wall removal
Which Countertop Material is Better for a Bathroom -- Quartz or Granite?

Both materials are lovely, solid, and durable, and we offer a variety of choices in each material in Baltimore. Most people prefer quartz for their bathroom counters, as it’s often a less-expensive countertop option than granite. Because it never has to be sealed (granite must be sealed yearly), many homeowners prefer the lack of maintenance required with quartz.

When it comes to fashion, quartz is manufactured in a way, so its appearance can be controlled. You get the precise pattern, texture, and color that you simply need.  Some of them like the controlled appearance of quartz, whereas others appreciate the unique look of granite.

We have the best quality of both the material. You just have to choose.

What Does a Bathroom Remodel Cost in Baltimore?

A bathroom remodeling project can cost you thousands of dollars. The range is so wide since some customers have had exceptionally spacious bathrooms. After you consider the surface range of flooring, dividers, countertops, shower/tub dividing, the cost of material alone is what adds up very quickly.

It may go without saying, but the bigger the bathroom the more costly the bathroom renovation. If you are worried about this, don’t worry! Call us today and discuss your budget, so we can provide a solution that fits your renovation requirements and your wallet.

The average cost of a Bathroom renovation in Baltimore continuously shifts but we guaranteed that we work hard to discover a reasonable plan for each client. So call us today to get your project quoted and underway as soon as possible!

Affordable Baltimore Bathroom Renovation

As already discussed Bathroom renovation project can cost you thousands of dollars but our prices are completely personalized to make our pricing structure fair to all customers. This simply means that we only charge for work, designs and material you like or need. This means the customer that only requires small changes or want small scale bathroom remodels are not castigated with a blanket Baltimore bathroom Renovation cost. We cherish having your thoughts and budget and look forward to knowing about your dream bathroom.

Fast and clean construction

We know how unsettled a bathroom renovation can be and we need you to induce back to living a normal life as much as you do. We work quickly until you have your dream bathroom ready. We complete our project on time, keeping the work area clean and tidy every day.

Our Baltimore Renovation Service Areas

Looking for a bathroom renovation company near Baltimore? We service the entire area. No bathroom remodel is too big or too small, just give us a call and discuss your needs and budget with our friendly & passionate design specialists. You’ll be glad you gave us a chance!

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